About Me


My name is Sierra Randolph, and thank you very much for checking out my art, design, and various-creative-ventures portfolio!

I am an alumnus of Portland State University, with a Bachelor of Science in University Honors and Art Practices. I have been designing, drawing, and programming since I was eight years old. For more of my credentials, please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile, located at the top of every page.

On to the good stuff: what can I do or provide for you?

✔ General graphic design
✔ Website design and programming
✔ Illustration
✔ Book layouts
✔ Website hosting
✔ Animation
✔ Audio and video
✘ Business building from the ground-up
✘ Free work
• I can’t do professional printing myself, but I will gladly take care of your print order for you and be a bridge between you and the printer.

If you are curious about something not specified on any of these lists, please don’t hesitate to ask!