Epic Quest

Some dude goes on an adventure.


I was really feeling experimental with this, yet it felt totally natural.  Basically, the method was:

  1. Go to Powell’s and take pictures of goofy sci-fi/fantasy novel covers.
  2. Tell a story based on the content of the pictures, knowing nothing about the actual novels.  Tell the story based on the order the pictures were taken.
  3. Plug into CodeWelt, a text-to-speech synthesizer with an obviously artificial, but not robotic cadence.
  4. Stitch together and enjoy.

In the end, this may be my first major form-driven work, where the content is totally based on and cannot exist without not only the covers themselves, but the specific order in which they are presented.

A note on the maturity rating for this video: it’s literally just text over still book covers, but the story itself is definitely not for younger ears.  It’s not really offensive or gory or pornographic, but it’s still got a decidedly adult tone and presentation.

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