QRC 10th Anniversary

In 2016, the Queer Resource Center at Portland State University celebrated its tenth anniversary as a resource for students, staff, and the community. In preparation for this event, I created this event logo as well as a marketing plan to go with it.

Each white symbol in the black bar is a different representation of ten. “10” is an Arabic numeral, “ten” is in English, “X” is a Roman numeral, “|||| ||||” is tally marks, “עֶשֶׂר” is feminine Hebrew, “十” is Chinese and Japanese, “????” is two hands representing the unary system, “दस” is Hindi, “Ιʹ” is a Greek numeral, “Egyptian ” is an Egyptian numeral, and “????↶????” (roughly approximated) is American Sign Language.

Much like every symbol within the large Q represents different communities and identities within the larger queer community, so too does each symbol for ten represent different communities and the languages spoken by each.

The logo in full color for most situations where it would be used.

The logo in high-contrast black and white for situations where color is unavailable or inappropriate.

Portland State Queer Resource Center


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